Friday, January 10, 2014


Well, this has been a long time.

I used to have a blog when I was younger. Facebook didn't exist. The most popular social network in my area was and it was full of 13-yr olds posting selfies and trading ratings between themselves (30 to 30!). Then, somehow, things got sidetracked, Facebook blew everybody away, server which hosted Wordpress which was running the blog went to shreds, I got carried away and too busy to update Wordpress, etc. In other words - life happened and my blog died.

However in the past months there has been a itchy spot in back of my brain. Sure, Facebook and micro-blogging is so cool. And it's quite amazing on how you get small chunks of almost worthless info to keep your Instant Gratification Monkey satisfied. But its very hard to keep a perspective on things. Even finding the link that you see here required me to scroll through a lot of posts in my feed. Because I couldn't remember who has shared it. And Facebook search sucks.

So I've decided to have a blog again. A place which could host my experiences and things that I feel are more worthy than just a quick lol moment.

Something, that won't (hopefully) get lost in track again. Perhaps even something what I can show to my kids and reflect upon when I'm older.

Today I start with a clean sheet. Wish me luck.

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