Three personal websites, all built with Notion

Anabella, Corbin, and Temirlan all created Notion pages and made them accessible to anyone online — a resume, portfolio, and complete agency website. Other website makers were too cumbersome and hard to update. Now, they're using Notion pages that are easily customized and distributed with a single click.

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Anabella Spinelli

Software engineer

Temirlan Nugmanov


Corbin Bell

Graphic designer

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A resume that's tailored to meet Anabella's needs

When Barcelona-based software engineer Anabella started searching for jobs, a static PDF didn't feel like it reflected her accurately. She wanted something that was intuitive to her tech background, met her design standards and would make it easy to add new projects or experience. So she used Notion to build her resume and simply shared the link in her applications.

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Anabella can easily update her resume with new work or experience.

The exact structure she wanted

Using headers, Anabella guides viewers through her background. Her experience, contact info and skills are neatly bundled — complete with splashes of personality authentic to her. She even has sections for languages she speaks, and links to blog posts (she's an avid writer). With a public Notion page as her resume, Anabella can make sure she's always putting her best foot forward.

You can effortlessly make pages look good in Notion. Its design system is a great framework, and is also flexible enough to be customized.
Anabella Spinelli
Anabella Spinelli
Software engineer

Graphics, images and videos make Corbin's portfolio dynamic

A photographer, videographer, and graphic designer, Corbin is a multi-disciplinary artist who needed a portfolio for all the different types of work he does. Every website builder he tried required too much upfront knowledge and time, and made it difficult to add new pieces. Instead, he uses a published Notion page as a living, breathing showcase of his design work.

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Corbin embeds many different kinds of files in his visual portfolio with one click.

Galleries with a bit more power

Corbin uses the gallery feature to put all his work on display. Each project is a page, and inside those pages are details about the project and the work behind it. His photography is also in a Notion gallery, where each image is tagged with the location, type of camera, and editing software for more context. As a visual person, it's important for Corbin to put design at the forefront of his portfolio, while also providing granular details for those who want to learn more about his work.

Notion is like a set of building blocks. I love being able to show what I want to show, and display it in any format I want.
Corbin Bell
Corbin Bell
Graphic designer

Temirlan runs his agency with a Notion page as its website

Temirlan has tested more software than most people have even heard of while studying entrepreneurship at NYU, working at several accelerators, and starting his own company. This knowledge of tools and company infrastructure led him to start his own consultancy, helping companies find the right software for their workflows.

Growing books
Safari browser barTermirlan Homepage
Temirlan runs his agency from a website he built right in Notion.

A simple, flexible storefront on the web

Called Optemization, the agency has a public-facing website run entirely on Notion. The table of contents in the header makes navigation seamless between sections. And he has a page for each client, where the scope of the project is detailed and categorized using a series of tags to denote cost, time and tools used. He even runs the company's blog here. Using Notion, Temirlan was able to set up a whole business without writing a single line of code.

I centralize projects in Notion. It’s so easy to add a new one — you get the benefits of a web editor without the hassle.
Temirlan Nugmanov
Temirlan Nugmanov

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