Notion for admins of large teams

Learn about features available only to admins — from deciding how your teammates and guests interact with your workspace, to allowing third-party integrations.

11 min video

  • This video shows the features available only to admins on Notion Enterprise plans.

  • As an admin, you get to decide how your teammates, as well as people external to your team, interact with your workspace.

  • In the Members section of Settings & members, admins can add people to the workspace, as well as change anyone’s access level at any time.

  • In Settings, you can manually type in your email domain, and automatically allow anyone with said domain to join the workspace.

  • You can also decide upon a domain name for the Notion pages that will be shared to the web.

  • You will have the option to set up SCIM in your workspace to manage provisioning users and permission groups.

  • Manually create groups from the Group tab of the Members section.

  • Add external collaborators, known as Guests, to Notion pages and customize their access levels.

  • Control which third-party integrations are allowed in the workspace.

  • Admins can enable security measures to limit changes to the workspace sidebar, control guest access, and prevent pages from being moved or exported.

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