Simplify tasks with Notion AI

Use AI to extract information from text by summarizing and pulling action items from a meeting transcript.

AI Work Faster

Notion AI can perform time-consuming tasks such as summarizing notes, distilling research, and translating documents in seconds. This is achieved through three key actions:

  • Summarizing: highlight any text and Notion AI will summarize it. This feature is useful for internal documents, web articles, and more.

  • Extracting insights: Notion AI can quickly analyze text-based data and identify common themes or patterns, allowing efficient learning from the data.

  • Generating text with page context: Notion AI can transform scrappy notes into coherent sentences like for performance reviews, job descriptions, and more.

Add AI blocks to Notion pages by typing /ai to incorporate custom prompts into your meeting notes templates and more.

  • Add a Summary block for quick summaries of any document.

  • Use Action items to keep team members accountable.

  • Try Custom block for any other AI prompt that you’d like to save and use over again.


Meeting summaries with Notion AI

Use this meeting summaries template to get started with AI blocks in your workspace.

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