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A shared portal for your new hire. Get ready for their first day in your team with the Employee Onboarding template. Using the 30-60-90 system to ensure progressive and stable onboarding.
About this template

This Notion kit is for managers who want to gain time and build an efficient team.
🌟 You found a rising star to join your team? 🌟

Get ready for their first day in your team with the Employee Onboarding template. Set their objectives, give them confidence, and follow-up progress week by week, month by month.

-> Use the 30-60-90 methods to set clear objectives and key results

-> The connected databases & custom views provide clarity and ensure understanding

-> The collection of templates makes knowledge transfer quick and impactful

You can also adapt the kit if you have just started a new job and want to organise what is most important and nail your new mission in only a few weeks 💪🏼

What you will find inside the Employee Onboarding Kit:

4 databases:

-> Objectives based on the 30-60-90 plan with visual progress bars

-> Key Results linked to the objectives database with status and progress

-> Tools checklist

-> Manager 1-to-1 template for weekly meetings

8 pages with templates:

-> Portal page to share with your employee

-> Team presentation

-> Mission page

-> Tools page with checklist

-> Getting around the office

-> Manager 1-to-1area

-> Key colleagues by team

-> First month impression report with template

ℹ️ I linked the key results and objectives databases based on the KRs status, not on a quantitative value. I found with time that during onboarding qualitative resutls are more impactful than quantitve measures. Depending on the progress (Not started / To do next / In progress / Done), each KR gets an estimated % completion, which then calculates the overall objective completion. The completion transfers from the KR database to the objective database so your and your new team member can see with a glance how they are progressing in their new job.

How I built the Onboarding kit

I built this kit based on my experience with new hires. Each employee I hired and got in my team loved having all useful information in one place.

With time, I noticed that the new joiners in my team got on board quickly and managed to navigate in the company after a couple of weeks.

This kit asumes that you already shared basic company information about the strategy, org structure etc. You can add the links to the most important documents on the top of the dashboard.

How to use the Notion kit with templates?

This is a Notion template. Get Notion (this template works on both Free and Premium accounts).*

Duplicate the template to your Notion space.

Start by filling in the templates with general information on the top of the dashboard, inside each page.

Then modify the objectives by changing the names or adding new ones. Or keep them as they are, it's a tested method :)

Third, modify the key results with what you expect your new hire to achieve in the coming weeks.

Share the page with your new hire and check their onboarding progress every week and help them be successful in their new job.

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