Grow your startup: A Notion guide to applicant tracking systems

Discover how to supercharge your startup's growth with our detailed Notion guide on leveraging applicant tracking systems. Improve your hiring process, attract top talent, and elevate your business to new heights.

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  • Notion can be your ideal hiring companion. Use it to draft job descriptions, share new openings on the web, and gather feedback about a potential hire.

  • Create a board database in Notion to track applicants as they progress through interview stages.

  • Each applicant's information will be stored in cards, which are individual database entries.

  • Add custom properties, which are pieces of information about each database entry, to make better sense of your data. In this case, these could be the applicant's hiring manager, role, team, location, skills, website, email, and start date.

    • Add templates to your database to standardize your interview process.

  • Create different views to group your applicants in various ways, such as by hiring manager or by source.

    • Consider adding a calendar view to showcase successful candidates' start dates, or a table view for each team.

  • A perfectly tailored applicant tracking system will help you collaborate closely with teammates to scan the candidate pool, and easily iterate any process changes along the way.

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