How to build a help center in Notion

Looking for an easy, no-frills way to set up a Help Center for your growing community of users? This video will show you how to build an external Help Center in Notion, and instantly publish it to the web.

7 min video

  • You can easily set up a Help Center in Notion, and fully customize it to your team's needs.

  • From your sidebar, go to our Templates section for ideas on structuring information. In this tutorial, we use Notion’s Help Center template.

  • Edit the page to make it your own, using the template’s content as guidance.

    • Add your own Help Center articles as subpages. Choose icons for your pages, and add cover images that align with the company’s brand.

    • Use callout blocks and background colors for clarity.

    • You can link to other pages, and use the Paste and sync feature to maintain up-to-date content across multiple pages.

  • Once all your job openings are uploaded and structured, you can publish your page to the web via the Publish tab of the Share menu.

  • You may simplify your URL by making it your Public home page under Settings in Settings & members.

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