How to use Notion for your startup: Templates and more

Discover how to launch your startup with our comprehensive Notion guide. Our tutorial video "Startup in a Box" provides step-by-step instructions to kickstart your entrepreneurial journey.

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  • Notion boasts the power and flexibility to support your growing team.

  • To this effect, we’ve built a Startup in a Box template, which you can access from our template gallery.

  • In this template, you’ll find roadmaps, investor CRMs, company wikis, and product launch templates.

    • You’ll also find tabs for different stages of a startup's journey: ideation, launch, fundraising, and scaling.

  • The Product Launch announcement template uses Notion AI to generate launch copy quickly.

  • The Careers page allows for easy setup of a jobs site, including a hiring database and company bio section.

  • The Investor CRM tracks funding and manages investor relationships, providing a breakdown of investment statuses, capital committed, and more.

  • You can find additional resources and special perks for startups, including Notion Academy and the option to join the Notion Champions Community.

  • Startup in a Box helps you establish documentation and operating systems that will support you through all the stages of your company’s growth.

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