Mastering the RACI model for effective project management

Discover how to streamline project management with the RACI model in our comprehensive Notion guide. Watch our tutorial video to learn how to assign responsibilities clearly and boost productivity in your team.

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  • Notion is a sleek place from which you can confidently run any project, and is ideal for building a RACI matrix.

  • RACI is a project management method used to assign roles for each task.

    • R is for Responsible (who does the task), A is for Accountable (who approves the task), C is for Consulted (who needs to give input), and I is for Informed (who needs to know about the task completion).

  • Add each of these roles as properties in your Notion database.

  • Include multiple views to your RACI database, such as one that only shows tasks connected to Me. Me will reflect whoever is signed into Notion at the time.

  • Database entries in Notion are pages themselves, where you can store all the information regarding a task.

    • For more repetitive tasks, try creating a template button, and configure the content you want to replicate.

    • You can connect a task page to a Slack channel, so that any updates to the doc will be relayed there.

  • Keeping work within the task pages of your Notion database is helpful: the more time people spend there, the more familiar they will be with everyone's roles and their own.

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