Notion for engineers: A comprehensive guide to streamlining project management

Discover the power of Notion for engineers in our comprehensive guide. Streamline your project management with our tutorial video and enhance your engineering workflow.

5 min video

  • This video is designed for engineers using Notion.

  • Notion boasts pre-made templates for engineers to set up workspaces quickly. Click on the Templates button in the sidebar to find them, or consult the Notion Template Gallery.

  • Customize your Engineering wiki, or knowledge base, to store all essential team documents.

    • You can nest pages inside pages indefinitely, creating subpages.

  • Add a Tasks database template to oversee and manage engineering workflows.

    • Task databases can include properties that specify the assignee, status, priority, or due date.

    • Every database entry is in fact a page in itself, where you can store content related to tasks in the form of text, code snippets, and embedded content like designs from Figma, or videos from Loom.

    • Tasks can be displayed in various ways, depending on the needs of your team. Try viewing them in a table or a list. Learn more about database views.

  • Notion can be whatever you want it to be: a team wiki, a task manager, or a quarter-by-quarter roadmap.

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