Sharing & permissions

With Notion's share menu, you can control exactly who has access to your content, and what level of access they have.

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  • Permissions in Notion ensure that everyone in a workspace has the right level of access to information.

  • In a Notion workspace, one can either be a workspace owner, membership admin, member, and guest. These roles can control workspace settings and membership additions.

  • Teamspace roles exist separately from workspace roles, with teamspace owners and teamspace members having different levels of access.

  • Permissions can be set to various levels, from Full Access to Can View, to control access to pages.

  • Teamspace settings can be set to Default, Open, Closed, or Private, affecting workspace members' ability to join and see the teamspace.

  • The Notion sidebar contains the Teamspaces, Shared, and Private sections to organize information.

  • Pages can be shared with specific individuals, teamspaces, or everyone, and can also be published to the web.

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