Solidifying documentation for your startup

Creating a system for both capturing and organizing all the documentation at your startup helps your team operate more efficiently. We’ll teach you how to use Notion for your team’s documentation to compound learning, save time, and move forward with clarity.

11 min video

  • Notion can be used to structure team documentation, create company-wide databases for docs and meeting notes, and link pages together.

  • Centralize team docs in one database for transparency, accessibility, and consistency.

  • Standardize docs and meeting notes across the company to foster transparency and create a scalable process.

  • Link pages to each other to make connections between related docs.

  • Use synced copies of the same database across different pages for convenience.

  • Use the Synced blocks feature to sync the same content on multiple pages.

  • Instead of deleting obsolete documents, consider creating a history or archive section.

  • Use the Quick Find feature to speed up your search in the workspace. Alternatively, use Q&A to get instant answers to your questions.

  • Keep a page as Favorite so it can appear at the top of your sidebar for easy access.

  • Your team can grow better and stronger with Notion—whether you're just starting out, or expanding swiftly.

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