Building a comprehensive team notes & docs database

Explore our Notion guide to effectively build a comprehensive team notes and docs database. This tutorial video provides step-by-step instructions, simplifying the process and enhancing your team's productivity.

9 min video

  • Notion's beauty lies in its ability to organize notes, making them easily accessible and useful for the whole team.

  • You can build databases for meeting notes and team docs from scratch using Notion, or use templates for a quicker start.

    • Notion allows you to create custom properties and views within your databases, allowing your teammates to view data in the ways that suit them best.

    • You can also create database templates for recurring meetings, streamlining your note-taking process.

  • What’s more, you can link any database to other databases within your Notion workspace. This way, you can easily see, for example, which meeting notes or documents are related to a specific project.

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