Transforming content blocks in Notion

Learn how to transform content blocks and discover innovative ways to customize your content and enhance your Notion pages.

4 min video

  • Turn your content blocks into other types of content blocks to clarify and organize the information you store in your workspace.

  • You can turn a to-do into a bullet point by typing the forward slash key, followed by turnbullet.

  • Turn a paragraph into a callout block using the turncallout command.

  • The Turn into page feature allows you to transform a block into a separate page and choose its location in your workspace.

    • Multiple content blocks can be turned into pages and nested elsewhere in the workspace.

  • Highlight a block and use the formatting toolbar to transform it into different content types.

  • Click on the six-dot icon to access the Turn into option and select your preferred content type.

  • These techniques help create clear and rich content faster, making your content more organized and easier to navigate.

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