Using Notion for marketing campaigns

Explore how to create a homepage to manage everything related to the campaign, create and manage all documentation and notes related to campaigns, and map tasks and dependencies to keep your projects on track.

4 min video

  • Notion provides a connected workspace for teams, knowledge, and projects, ideal for managing integrated marketing campaigns.

  • Create a unified homepage to manage everything related to the campaign.

    • Build customized templates to provide a standardized format.

    • @-mention key Notion pages, and include filtered views of your meeting notes database to show kickoff calls.

  • Track and manage different channel briefs to help your colleagues stay aligned.

    • Create custom Notion AI blocks to automatically generate action items from your briefs.

    • Consolidate additional context by pasting links to embed content from other tools.

  • Map dependencies to identify risks, and keep your projects on schedule.

    • Add a timeline view to your database for streamlined project management.

  • No matter your use case or team, Notion can scale from complex planning docs to team-level projects, and down to the daily work that makes them happen.

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