Using Notion for remote work

You don't have to share an office with your team to get work done. We'll show you how to quickly set up a workspace for your team to collaborate remotely, as well as some tips and tricks along the way.

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  • Notion is a great tool for teams of all sizes, and it's especially handy when part of your team is remote or working from different locations.

    • You can create a shared knowledge base using Notion’s pre-made templates. These can always be customized later to suit your team’s specific needs.

    • Keeping your workspace organized and up-to-date is key. A well-maintainted workspace can serve as a single source of truth for your team, enhancing productivity.

    • Consider creating a database for your company’s Meeting Notes, as well as a database for your company’s Docs. It's an easy way to standardize pages, and keep everyone in the loop on what's happening.

    • For better collaboration, @-mention colleagues to get their attention and bring them into the conversation, make use of the discussion section at the top of a page, or leave comments on specific text, images, or other content blocks.

  • With Notion, you don't have a share an office to work. With one central place for all your team's notes, docs, and projects, you can get more done together, no matter where you are.

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