Database views

Learn how to create new layouts on databases, and sort and filter data to see exactly what you need.

Database views

When you first create a database, you'll need to choose the layout of the default view. After this, you'll see the option to create additional views as tabs, with the + button. Your database can have as many views as you want!

  • Give your view a name in the text box, and choose the type of layout you want.

  • When you have multiple views, you'll see them listed across the top of your database as tabs.

There are six different ways to visualize your content within a database. Here's a high level overview of each layout:

  • Table

  • Board

  • Timeline

  • Calendar

  • List

  • Gallery


Create your own views

Return to Notion to create views on any database. If you didn’t catch them in the last video, here’s some templates to get started:

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