Establishing documentation and archival strategies

Learn about Notion's Wiki feature and some best practices for archiving outdated content.

Establishing documentation and archival strategies

- Auditing a workspace in Notion involves understanding how a company organizes knowledge on the platform and taking note of existing teamspaces and their content.
- Teampspaces in Notion are used to separate different types of content or workflows within a workspace and their implementation should be planned.
- It's important to ensure workspace members have the correct level of administrative access, with workspace owner being the highest level of administrator privilege.
- Settings can be adjusted to control who can create new teamspaces and who can edit top-level pages of teamspaces.
- Communication with the company about changes being implemented is key.


Notion's Customer Success team has put together a Notion template to accompany this course. Duplicate it into your own Notion workspace and use it to follow along with the steps of the course as you refresh your own workspace.

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